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Friday, October 1 

Awaitng something better

Over all this past week has not been good for me at all. Lets start with Monday. I walk into work and get my check. Thats one good thing for me. But before they hand me my check they tell me that I don't need to be there because they're backing up computers. The next day I come in and I get fired within minutes of walking in. It was completely unexpected. The fucked up thing about it was that I was fired for something one of my bosses told me to do. There was this project that came in and one of my bosses kept tellling me to put it off. Then last Friday he calls me at work and tells that he told the client that my name was on it. But told me if they call about just to tell them that I don't have the time to finish it and to work on it Monday. Well they didn't let me work on Monday and it was Tuesday when the client called back and she talked to my other boss who hadn't heard of this project and she wanted her money back. Maybe there was somehting else that they didn't tell me about. As far as I'm concerned I did what I was told and got fired for it because someone didn't step up and tell their brother what happenend.