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Tuesday, August 24 

It was a fun time

This past weekend pretty much made up for not doing anything this summer. I spent the first half of my summer in class and working and the second half of my summer just working. On Friday after the funneral I went to Windsor. This was the first time that I've been to Canada since I've turned 19. We stayed at the Casino and went to some clubs that night. The next night me and pun drove for the hours to our friends cabin up north. This was my second time there and puns first. After a couple of people had became "T-Wasted" some us noticed some music playing and figured there was a party. So about five of us started walking listing to the sound of the music to guide us. We ended up walking about a mile and half myabe more and when we found it. We didn't know exactly what we were gonna do when we got there so had face go in front and we just walked into view and started talking to people. We talked to the owner to the house and he was cool with us being there he just said for us not to do anything stupid or they'd beat us up. It was a party to because they wanted to have a party. They had a dj and three or four kegs. This was one of those weekends I won't easliy forget.

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