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Saturday, August 14 

long day...

Damn its been a long such a long day. I fell asleep around 4 last night woke up at 7 showed up at work by 7:50am. And I didn't get done with work until 7:50pm. It was a pretty interesting day at work compared to most.

I went to a friends house that we all hang out and have fires. Well this was one big ass fire. I thought it was huge when I got there. But they made it bigger and it got so big it was reaching up to this tree.

Then on my way home just about an hour ago. I seen some cops across the street from someones house I know. So I stopped and there was a drug bust. One of the cops went and got coffee for everyone and all the cops went inside the house. Then one of the cops (a undercover car) had to get jumped. But it turns out that the people who got busted for drugs had broken in to that house.