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Thursday, July 8 

So I mowed the lawn...

Well I tired to cut it all but it didn't happen. Last year during the fall we had a pipe replaced that allows our used water to go to the sewer. The old one was made out of clay, I believe and the roots from this tree in our front yard would go through the pipe occassionally which caused backups into our basements. We had the pipe replaced so there wouldn't be anymore backups. When they did this they had to dig up a huge part of our front yard. They brought up a lot of rocks which are still on the surface because we havn't done any landscaping yet. So I ran over a rock and bent the blade. I 'm gonna try to bend it back before I got out an buy a new one.

So that story that I started writing last night hasn't gone any where since I started writing on this blog last night. Which just happens to be about 24 hours ago give or take an hour or so.
I'm gonna try to write something more tonight.

Well I did something nice for me for once today. I didn't want to just stay home all day like have pretty much all this week so I went to a few stores. I found myself look at things that I would like to buy if I had money just to spend on anything I wanted to. I did end up buying myself a few shirts which, only because they were cheap.