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Tuesday, June 22 

Can't Wait Till This Is Over: Should be the last part

Well today is that last time that I have to do homework and I just don't feel like finishing it. I'm surprised that I even started it. Well if I don't finish I'll just turn in what I have. I know I should care but I
just don't really care about it at this point anymore.

I finally edited my first wedding today. It was a short one but like they told me 'once you've done one you can do them all' Well it was something like that. I think that the hardest things that I have to do is going to end up being the highlights and titles sections. They just take longer. Today with the titles I found out how frustrating they can be. It was just that the damn thing was going so slow.

I felt like I had so much on my mind today when I really only had two things on my mind. One of which is taken care of now and the other is all that I can think about now. As of today I'm now IN. Yes I now have a cell phone that is on a plan. I bnought a new phone. When I say a new phone I mean a brand new but same model. Hopefully I'll take better care of this one. I wish I could get the other thing off my mind, just for few days until I know more about the situation.