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Sunday, June 6 

Yeah it been a few days

Wow things just seem to not to stay too bad for me for too long. Well I guess on the other hand you could say that they don't seem to stay to good for me for too long either but I'm going to stay on the positive as things seem to be going. This past week did't start off all that good. As the week went on things just became better. First I got a offered job. Then the Pistons won there game and now they're going to the Finals. Then I was called for an interview for a second job. Went to that interview and made it to the third and final interview which was more of an interrogation rather than an interview. The questions didn't bother me because I don't have nothign to hide well yet and I plan on keeping it that way. They told me that they're going to do all of these checks on me, which I don't even know what the name of any of them are, and that if i was lying they would know. Anyways after they do their checks they're going to call the store and tell them whether or not they should hire me and that they'll call me on Monday and let me know.

Last night was had a few ups and downs but today everything felt better and was. I seen some really nice and expensive watches today. About a thousand dollars one of them were. If I had money that I could just throw around I would of considered buying it. Tonight was very good I got to spend some time with someone I didn't I ever would again about a week ago. Also I saw some family I rarely see. Then I went to my dads to give him some money he won. We had a good coversation. It seems like everytime we have one of these conversations I realize little positive ways I'm just like him. Well its like 4 something I need to rest I have a long week a head.

All Due Respect 9pm