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Monday, May 24 

Can't Wait Till This Is Over : Part One of Many

One Spring class not a bad idea. Two spring classes that both involve me writing is a big mistake. I'm just not a writer, yet it's what i have to do. Well maybe I can write but its only when it's not for myself, it's just easier to put togther what someone else started sometimes. The first week and a half I did pretty good at keeping up with reading, but now I'm behind. I keep telling myself that in the long run this is a good thing that I'm doing. It should help to make my next 2 semesters easier. I should be working on a marketing plan right now but I don't feel like it. I will finish it and turn it in on time. It just won't get finished right away.

Today in my mass media class we put togther a newspaper. Me and this other put togther the masthead we hid our names, somewhat, in it. I hope it shows up when it is printed. The masthead has a professional look. I didn't really have too much hands on, in the production of the masthead but I more of helped to decide what looked best.

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