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Sunday, May 23 

What's next is uncertain

What do i have to say?

This week I've lost and possibly regained what I lost and then maybe who know might just lose it again. Crazy. I don't know what is going on and wouldn't want to know if could. Someone I'm very fond of told me that 'things happen for a reason'. It helped me a lot until I started thinking about it again. Then that made me think of things I didn't want to think about. Sometimes people will tell me things about people that I wish I just never knew. Recently this happened and I don't know for certain whether it is true, but if it is I don't think I could ever talk to them because of it. I'm still trying to forget that.

Good news,depends on how you look at it, for me which that I may soon have not one but two new jobs. They are both very different and will bring me around many different people. I hope one of them works out for me because unless I win the lotto I'm going to be broke soon. The other day someone pointed out to me that I either have too much going on or not enough. I might have too much soon. I'll get through just fine. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I love.

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