Monday, March 30 

Detroit Funk Night: Ricky Calloway w/ Will Sessions Band

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Sunday, December 21 

Week 42: Freddy Steals Ted's Car





Wednesday, February 13 

It is 1 Year and 295 Days since then

And here's a shameless self-promoting plug!

Casting call for a short film.

WHEN: Friday February, 22 6 PM to 9 PM
WHERE: 27111 Harper ave. St Clair Shores 48081

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Freddy, a college student is constantly dealing with two strong, but opposing forces in his life: his pesky, uptight roommate, Ted and his friend and boss Donny, who is constantly putting him in bad situations.

Freddy - 22
Easy going. Single. Always going out with his boss/good friend Donny.

Ted - 21
A stickler for rules. A parking attendant. Roommate to Freddy whom he often issues tickets. Subliminal type of personality.

Donny - 23
Manager for his mother's company. - An adult magazine. Manipulative personality.

Sticky -??
Youthful carjacker

Allie - 21
College senior. Tags along with her best friend Jessica.

Jessica - 21
College Junior. Takes her good friend Allie out often. Donny's date.

In other news I'm graduating in a few months.

Tuesday, April 25 

Sherman Hemsley

So its been a while but I thought that this was wrothy of making a post about, this pretty much beats everything I've posted about, lately at least. Anywho almost 24 hours ago at CVS I ran into George Jefferson himself Sherman Hemsley. I wasn't sure if it was him until I heard him speak. Everyone working there kept saying 'that's him' and what not. I didn't ask for an autograph. Given the situation I would of felt like I was intruding on his personal life. So Mr. Hemsley is the first celb I've meant up close.

Thursday, March 16 


For the most part I spent the first couple days of my Spring Break alone. I came home and most to find out that most of my friends were out of town. Went back to Detroit on Monday to work and things did seem to get better. Had a good time at house.

Last night was an odd first and hopefully last for me. I had went out to the bar and didn't really drink much till I was about to leave end up taking shots with various liquors and they were pretty much all double shots. Me not drinking at the bar till I'm about to leave or party seems to be a common theme for me this semester. Anyways there ended up being a bawl and that ment it was time to leave. So we come back to the house and I watched an ep of FG I had never seen and I had no idea what the hell was going on.

Eventually I made it back to my place and went to sleep. The next thing I know I'm walking in the hallway a few floors below mine and I have no idea why I'm there and for some reason my socks were wet. I have no idea why I was walking there, if took the stairs or the elevator. To make it worse I didn't have my key card on me, so I had to go down to the front desk so they could let me in. So one of the RAs had to come down to let me in and when I walk in to my room for some reason there is water on floor right by my door. I was too messed up to even throw something down. I have no idea were that water came from either because I didn't have anything with water in the room at the time. So this sleep drunk walk has been on my mind all day. As far as I know this is the first time I've ever done this. I wonder if I had tried to get up before but I was stopped or woke up before I've actually gone anywhere. I just hope it doesn't happen again. I know I used to walk around in my sleep was about five or six.

The rest of my spring break looks like its gonna be fun. Hope it doesn't go by fast.

Monday, March 6 

Its Coming soon!!!

So I recently quit both of the jobs that I had in exchange for a much better and less demanding job which happens to pay much more. Spring break is almost here for me and I'll finally be getting that break I've been seeking. Wensday will be my last midterm leaving Thrusday to be a day I get to just show up.

The Sopranos returns with its last season this Sunday!

Monday, February 20 

This is feeling good.

Even though this needs to be done in almost two hours I'm feeling so much better about this paper as of now and I'm barely half way done. But it will be very soon.