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Monday, May 24 

Things still getting better hmmmmm

Well it looks as if I might actually have a writing partner. The best part about my partner, well there's two things. In no particular order, one thing is that he is family and the other is that he is family that I can trust. I only say this because there's just some family that you can't trust. He's my second cousin and a about ten years older than me. I've actually been thinking about seeing if he would want to write some with me for a few years. I haven't really seen anything he's written but I've heard his ideas and I believe he was an English major. He also enjoys to write. I can come up with the ideas but I just can't write it out. I can think of beginnings and a little of the middle. He can think of the middle and the ending.
Earlier he told me an idea that he had and it's been one of the main things on my mind since. I won't go into detail of the story but I'll say this much. His idea was Mafia story which takes place in present time and theres themes in the story that haven't been done in any mafia movie so far. This movie I can already see this in my head. If he hasn't already started to write this I'm going to try to get him to. This idea just sounded that damn good. Hopefully I'll end up writing some of this too.
In the next week or so we're going together and hopefully write something for this film contest that I want to enter. Its supposed to be a comedy and around three minutes. It
might sound easy but to actually write something funny is harder than it sounds.

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