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Sunday, May 30 

Confusion at its best

I have a good idea. One good day of work. One and ahalf good nights. One good call back. And lot of worries.

This morning as I was still in bed I either came up with or dreamt of an idea for script. It sounded funny when I was lying there. I 'm just glad that I was able to remember when my cousin asked if I had any ideas. He really liked it. Oh yeah and mafia story that I mentioned the other day, when i asked him about it he had told me that he had started it. I'm going to keep aksing him about it until he finishes it. Me and him are going to each write a version of the idea that we came up with and then get together and make it one.

Yesterday I shot my first wedding. Only one thing went wrong and it was due to some miscommunication between the two of us shooting. I don't think it will be that much of a problem. So things should be fine there.

Friday was a good night yet I'm unsure about some current situtations. I'm not sure if last night was good or bad. It was more good than bad. A friend of mine was dancing last night and he does't dance at all. And I saw some chicks fighting. And we all know that is always very entertaining.