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Friday, May 28 

Yeah employment woo

I got to sleep in today for once this week. With a few exceptions I had to go and turn off my an alarm clock because someone was in the shower. Then my sister came and took my car keys. For some reason I can't stand being in my sales class for no more than 30 minutes. There's only 9 people in the class and 3 of them weren't there today, so the room felt even more empty than usual.

I was supposed to have a second interview for a job at a convenience store. Everytime I mention it to someone they don't say it but suggest that something is going to happen to me if I work there. ie: get shot. But I remind them that there's a hospital down the street (there really is). Anyways yesterday they called me when I wasn't here and left a message saying that the manger was going to be able to be there and that they would call next week to reschedule. I was little disappointed because knew that meant that I would have to go for at least another week and half with out a paying job. Well that's what I though until I received a call asking for me to shoot a wedding. They usually don't let people shoot after one week. But they really needed someone to fill in. The best part is that I'm going to get paid for this. So if things go well this weekend I might actually have at least one job.