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Wednesday, June 9 

Just Act LIke It and They'll Believe

I swear it alway works. Evertime I get nervous about talking about something I don't fully understand infront of a class I i just act like I understand and they believe. For the last couple of so I've always thought that if i acted confident then I will be confident. I swear this works for me because when I'm not confident about somehthings just go wrong. Yesterday I had to give a presentation which I didn't even think I was prepared for. In fact I barely even read one of the chapters that I was presenting but I made it appear as if I had and everything went fine. I was looking forward to a day off soon to spend some time with some people but i found out that some one is going to be gone for a bit longer than i thought. Which in a way is a good thing because I'll be able to focus more on my classes as i come to the last few weeks for this spring term. And I'll be willing to put in more hours at work.