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Monday, June 21 

Can't Wait Till This Is Over : Possibly Last PART!

Today I realized that next Monday is finally my last week of class and then finally my summer will begin! I've been in school since last late August with the execption of winter and spring break and that week and a half in between winter and spring classes. When my winter semester was coming to an end I was happy but not that happy. Now I'm really starting to get excited. The odd thing about taking a 7 week semester is that now I can't imagine having a 15 week semester yet having two 15 week semesters back to back. I can really tell that I'm ready for a break because I'm starting to slack little on my assingments.

Work was really good this weekend. I got my first and probably only tip ever. The father of the bride came up to us and handed us both $40. They stuck to their schedule pretty damn close so we were able to get out of there early. But it still took us a few hours to get hour because it was in Port Huron. We were right by the bridge. I was looking at Canada. It was pretty cool looking. I got my first check today and it was for the amount that I thought it would (I wasn't exactly sure what my wages were going to be).