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Sunday, June 13 

Its Been Good

Last week I was feeling a little stress from starting work and having so many papers due back to back. I still have quite a few papers due this week and the same amount of work but its really not that bad at all. I only have three weeks left of this and I don't see it getting that much worse than I had thought it might get. The weekend was good and things just got better as the days went on.

On Thrusday a friend of mine invited me to go his sister wedding recption but I told him that I couldn't because I had to shoot a wedding yet I didn't know where. On Friday when I looked at the work sheet to see where I was going to work I found out that it was the same weddding.

I ended up driving to the boonies two nights in a row. The second night was well worth it even though I ended up driving for over 2 and a half hours there and back. But it was worth it because I got to see someone I've been wanting to see. With a wedding and driving out to the boonies Saturday was a long day. It could have been really bad becasue on the way to work this old women, around 80 plus years, pulled out in front of me. I had press my brakes to the floor. She didn't even look towards me once. I came three to five feet from hitting her. She might have die if I would have hit her because I would have hit her on the drivers side. I was immediatly upset but found it hard staying upset for too long becasue at the light I saw this girl pulled up next to me in shock of what she just saw. I kept thinking of the various things that was going through her head. It was funny to me in an odd way. Things are still getting better.