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Tuesday, July 6 

Surprise gone Bad? Maybe Not I Hope

So last night I got the idea that I would do something to surprise my girlfriend. So I thought that I'd get her flowers and have them delivered. I knew she wouldn't expected it all because there wasn't really anything special about today except for the surprise I wanted to make.

Anyways I couldn't sleep last night and end up waking 20 minutes after the time that I was supposed to already be at work. When I woke up I thought to myself that I'd just change my clothes and go but I was sweaty when I stood up and needed to take a shower. I was in there for barely five minutes. I was hurrying and yet I wasn't because ever since I got my keys to the office my bosses have been showing up later and later. Well that didn't happen today. From the moment that I woke up till the time that I got there it only took me about twenty-six minutes making me forty-six minutes late. One of my bosses was little upset with me but tried not to show it.

Yeah, so back to the surprise. I started editing a wedding and when I had to log a tape I put my plan into action. I clocked out headed to the credit union and then went to the flower shop. Everything up to this point was all good. So I walk in and the florist begins to help me. Then when she finds out the address of my girlfriends house she says that its going to cost so much more than I was originally going to pay and that the flowers would come from another shop. So I decided that I would take them myself. So I paid and went back to work. After work I went back to the store to pick up the flowers. When she brought it out I was little mad because it wasn't what I had picked out. I told her and what I had wanted which was a little more so I paid the difference and I was on my way.

Now throughout the day I contemplated whether or not I would call before. I decided to call right after I got off the highway and no one answered. This was the first bad sign. Then I arrived and called again yet again no answer. Knocked on the door and... no answer. I thought about maybe waiting a little bit but I decided I should leave. I left the flowers by the back door. So ok the surprise has gone just little wrong at this point but I was going to originally have the flowers delivered. Well now the problem is that I don't know if the flowers are still alive because I left the plastic around the flowers so that bugs and the possibility of rain from damaging the flowers. Also to the best of my knowledge no one has been home since I left the flowers there.

So for once in I try to do something nice maybe considered romantic and it just may have backfired on me. I keep telling myself that it's the thought that counts. But I'm going to feel a little bad if those flowers are dead by the time she gets to see them. I'll find out tomorrow if my surprise turned out as I had planned, well at least somewhat how I planned.