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Thursday, June 24 

Oh Damn Its Almost Over

Today was the end of one of my classes and Monday is the end of my other class. Its feels damn good to finally be done with school for more than just a week. Yesterday felt odd becasue I didn't have any homework. I felt as if there was somehting that I was supposed to do and that I wasn't doing it. I was falling asleep during my test today because this medicine I took made me sleepy. I didn't realize that it was the medicine that made me want to sleep until an hour after I came home.

Things have just been good for me. Good job, great bosses and co-workers. Getting my own work station in the next week or so. Starting to feel more confident in being able to keep up editting wise. I got the weekend off. Which I would actually kind of like to work but I'll probably end up doing something better because I'm not working. Today I talked to my mom about possibily buying my own car. Its better than the next car that I was most likely goin to get which is a '94 Corsica. I still have the same thing on my mind from before. I try not to think about it yet its all that I can.