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Sunday, August 8 

Just Don't know what to call this

I've had two long nights in a row. Both started out the same. Yesterday was the first time that I'd had ever been out on th Saginaw Bay. I had to take pictures for one of my works corporate clients. They had Casino Night (well nights for me cause I had to go to both) for their employees. Last night it was fine but it was cold and seemed to be a bit more windy than it was tonight. Tonight was much wamer but it wasn't all that great. Last night the closet person to my age was 8 maybe 6 years older than me. Tonight there were a few a bit closer to my age. About an hour into this voyage I started to feel sick but it went away slowly. Then we're about a half hour away and the boat gets stuck on a sandbar.

Last night after getting off the boat was a good time. I got to see a few people I hadn't seen in long time. Went to the Texan and got to see a friend of mine drunk of his ass making an ass of himself. The funny thing about it was that he's a Radio Dj and had to go on air with 6 am and it was 5 am when we left.