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Saturday, July 17 

Did they really THINK i was gonna Hurt someone?

So the other day I finally fixed the lawn mower. I had to replace the blade because I bent the blade by running over a rock. I didn't see the rock but I should have been looking better. I tired to bend the blade back a little to the way it was but I just couldn't do it. So I went to Sears to buy new blade. Once I had the blade in my hand i felt like people were watching me as if i was going to strike someone with this blade. I kept thinking of the movie Sling Blade as I was holding the new blade. The blade didn't seem to be very sharp but it cut the grass. I guess I won't know how good it is until I cut the grass when it is a lot longer than it was the other day.

Well that story that I started working on last week didn't get very far. I only did about one full page on it and then I just didn't really want to work on that story anymore. Last night I thought of another story that I could do. Infact it was the one that I had thought of doing in the first place. It's more of a personal story then the other one that I was working on. I remember a lot of the details about this event compared to the other one. I think the challenge for me now is to not let my feelings now effect how I write this story. The events of this story have lead to some signifiacnt changes in my life which could very easily effect the way I write this. I just have to remember to write this story the way I felt then.