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Friday, August 20 

its hard...

Its been almost a week but its been tough. Maybe doing this would have been a little easier I don't know now. A few guys I knew passed away on Sunday morning due to a car accident. They were only 21. I knew one guy Kasey a little better than I knew Steve. It was in the Monday paper. All week I've been thinking about the times that I spent with them. Thats just what people do when stuff like this happens. I was gonna tape one of the bands that kasey played in, Evasic, just last thrusday. I knew Steve from going to the same school and he was also the fiance of an girlfriend's sister. I keep thanking about this time that we ate cheeseburgers together, that my girlfriend at time, mother had made. And how he had beat me to saying thanking you and that it was good.

I went to Steve's funeral today. It was hard to see him like that but it usally is. I'm going to Kasey's funneral in a few hours. I really don't want to see him like this but I want to say goodbye to him, for now at least.

Well let me talk about something different. I heard a rumor about me tonight. I believe this is the first time that I know of where someone actually made a rumor about me and bunch, well could be a few, but most likely a bunch of people. But it order for some to understand it I need to tell a brief story.

So here it goes: I had this "friend" who completely stopped talking to me basically because of a girlfriend I had. There's a whole lot more to it but it kind of comes down to him be jealous that I was with this girl. So anyway I had cheated on her and this "friend" told my "girlfriend". We had broken up and got back together blah blah yada yada... Anyways A few months later I find out that my "friend" had got together with this girl that I had cheated with the next day after it had happenend. Which I thought was funny when I heard about it. During that whole time I had to idea that they were together or had even seen that girl anywhere.

So tonight I find out that my "friend" had told his dad that he went to go pick up that girl and that he caught me having sex with her, which i had never ever did. This guy might have told everyone in his family as far as I know just so that they really won't like me. I got a good laugh out of it. So yeah he says he saw me having sex with his girl and just walked away and didn't say anything and thats the reason they broke up.

Well some good news is that I'm finally gonna get a away for a few days this summer. I'm goin to Canada for the night later today and then up north on saturday.