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Sunday, August 29 

Nearly assualted, A tip, and now back to the D-Unit

So it had been a good month and a half since I had a weddding to shoot. This weekend i had two weddings. On Friday the wedding went well. The weather was nice. It was very hot.

Now the interesting part of the night came after the wedding was over. The reception was in Ann Arbor and I drove there on a half tank, so I needed to get gas before the ride home. So in order to get to the gas station I had to get in the left lane. So I used my only blinker that I have on my car, the left, and switched lanes. As I was turning into the gas station i hear some honking so ask Dan if the guy was honking at me. The guy pulls into a McDonalds right by the gas station and races around it. So the pump had a sign that said 'pay before you pump'. So I started walking to the store and about half way there I hear/see a truck door slam and this guy starts walking towards my car. Dans still in my car so I start walking back to my car. I ask the guy whats wrong? Whats going on? He doesn't say a damn thing, he just has a pissed off look on his face. So when he gets within five feet from me he sticks out his hands like a mummy. He garbs my wrists, while saying, "Come here you little shit." The first thing that went through my mind was that I was gonna have to fight this guy and end up in jail. Right away I rolled wrists and pushed him away. I started side stepping towards the store and he started following me until Dan got out of the car and yelled "What's your fucking problem sir!?" The guy responded, "What's my fucking problem, whats your fucking problem... stopping in front of me!" Dan replied, "Your the fucking problem and you need to leave." Now while they were yelling at each other I had ran into this asian guy who asked me if I wanted him to call the cops. At first I told him no. Then when he started to walk away Dan told the guy to get the plates but the guy hurried to his car before he could get the plates.

So yesterday's wedding went pretty well also. We showed a presentation that I had put together ealier this week. I didn't realize at the time that we would show it at wedding I was going to be on. It was kind of cool to see one of my presentations being shown at a wedding. The newlyweds were very pleased with the presentation especailly the mother of the bride. I think it was the presentation and the fact that Matt, my boss, was able to run around and help them out with what ever they needed that night because I was shooting most of the time lead to our $100 tip. Matt was counting the tip as soon as we had hit the road. So he handed me two twenties and got a ten out of his wallet and handed it out to me. As soon as he handed me the bill he had to slam on the brakes. There was a Auddi in front us and we were very close to hitting it. Had to be with in a few inches.

Well it looks as if Sundays are going to be my only day's of rest because I start classes tomorrow. I havn't really been too negative about going back like most people I've talked too. My class starts in about 12 hours, at 10 am then I have to work at 1. Back to the D-Unit I go.