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Saturday, September 11 

If she only knew...

So for some reason I thought I didn't care about this girl that way anymore but I was wrong. From the moment I saw her I always thought she was so beautiful. Before I knew it I became her friend its was great. Just when I thought I had a chance, I blew it. I was afraid she would reject me. Then another girl came along and even though it wasn't serious I felt like I had ruined my chances. Well I think I was wrong all along but I'll never know if it was. Before I knew it I was dating someone else and so was she. Maybe because I'm single agian I find myself haiving those same feelings agian yet strong this time around. The thing that sucks is that I'm not even going to try to take her away from the other guy. I really thought about it too. Its not like she's been with the guy forever, they're not married or getting married anytime soon either. So I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that I'm not the right guy for her. But after talking to her recently I kind of thought about it again. But it's just something I don't want to do because I don't want to put her through all of that and end up having one us unsure about the whole thing. Maybe it's just my wishful thinking but I don't think she's happy with this guy anymore. She's looked unhapppy few times I saw her recently, it honestly bothered me. I wanted to comfort her but didn't really know how to from the position I'm in with her.


I'm out of town tonight on business. I'm helping out on a wedding tommorow. It kind of far so we drove up today. We had to stop at Traverse city to check out the reception hall which was very nice. We're like an hour north of TC right now in the same town where the wedding is. It was crazy when we pulling in to town we saw this crowd around a girl by a Dariy Queen I think she was either hit while on her bike by a guy on a motorcycle or was just hit by the guy. She was screaming. I hope she wasn't hurt too bad.

A 9/11 wedding I wonder if will put this date on the video. I hope tomorrow goes well