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Saturday, October 16 

Its already dark out

So I'm sitting thinking about last week and how around this time it was still day light out, well at least some light out. Anyway I really need to find myself a new job quick. Today was very boring and if I'm not going to do anything all day I should be working. Yesterday I went and filled out an application. I'm actually thinking about applying for a temp on air position at radio station. I don't have any expeirence in radio and I'm guessing that I would mess up a lot on air. The only reason I've even considered apply is because the radio station is apart of a television station I used to intern for. It does seem like it would be kind of fun to work on radio station and to be on the air. Also it is an AM station so the signal goes further than most FM stations. Damn just typing about it makes me want to apply right now. Well maybe I'll go do that Monday.