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Sunday, October 24 

In Need of Change

I really need to find a job soon. I kind of have higher expectations than some people say that I should but I just don't see myself settling for less. Settling for less is something I just don't want to do right now. I sear me losing that job was unexpected. The only thing I can compare it to is when you're in a good relationship and it just falls apart in a matter of days. For a long time afterwards you find yourself wondering what the fuck happenend. Then over time you start to find out more and more from others. End up putting the pieces together in your head but only to realize that everything you're finding out it stuff that you already knew and now you're even more confused. The job I had was just about the best job I've had so far yet I wouldn't go back. Things would be completely different and I wouldn't enjoy it anymore. Its just one of those things where I have to say it was nice while it lasted.

So I pretty much remember what it was like when I didn't have a job. It sucked. Being home for most of the weekend makes want to work even more. I just hate being here all day alone. I spent so much time alone at home in my life so far I just wish it wouldn't be that way anymore. Maybe I'm just alone so much that I just can't appreciate it like others can.