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Friday, April 22 

This is what Happens on Rainy Days

WNEM-TV5 Superior Gym Shutdown: "Superior Gym Shutdown"
You can see through the glass window there's a sign for 'club rules’ but technically, there's really no club! Superior Gym in the Greenacres shopping plaza near State and Hemmeter Streets is now locked up and shut down. Abijah Brown told TV5 "that's kind of shocking. I just came to work out! Abijah Brown paid his hundred dollar membership fee. He was coming to Superior for only the second time! "I just dropped membership fees for these guys, it was one hundred bucks. Me and my girlfriend both joined and she comes after work."

The club's owner confirms to TV5 he's been having money troubles, and was behind on the rent, in the tens of thousands of dollars. John Sakon of Bay City claims, "I did everything I could possibly do. I put a lot of money into that place. This was supposed to be worked out by the plaza." Sakon was reportedly working on a payment plan, and was entertaining several buy-out offers from other gym-companies. He says, the Greenacres management company suddenly demanded full payment, ruining any prospective selling deals.

What will I do now?