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Tuesday, March 8 

Doesn't feel right yet

Its been two days since I've been back from my uneventful Spring Break and its doesn't feel right. I feel like I just don't belong there any more. I have less than two months of classes now. I guess it doesn't help when I'm ready to be done already. Last year I didn't feel like that because I knew that I was taking Spring classes but I'm not planning on taking any this year. The sad thing is that I'm certain that there is almost nothing that I'm even going to learn in the next couple weeks that I'll retain in memory and life. Just need to finish the work now.

My mom went with me on the car search today. I'm not really sure what to think about that yet. Sometimes my mom can really be too nice of a person and I don't think that helps too much when dealing with a salesperson. I did take a couple of cars out for a drive today. My mom was cold and hungry so we didn't look as much as I would have liked to.