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Tuesday, March 1 

U.S. - Mexico Tunnel Discovered

This sounds like something out of a movie.

Federal authorities from San Diego are investigating a border tunnel discovered by Mexican authorities over the weekend, it was reported Monday.

The tunnel connected a luxurious Mexicali residence to neighboring Calexico in Imperial County, officials with the Mexican Federal Attorney General's Office told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Inside the passageway, investigators discovered lighting and ventilation equipment, a closed-circuit security system, hydraulic machinery and various tools, Mexican authorities told the newspaper.

The finding led agents to believe that the tunnel was presumably used for drug trafficking, Mexican authorities told the Union-Tribune.

I know this tunnel may have been used to for illegal reasons. But it just sounds really cool. How many tunnels have you heard about that had "closed-circuit security system" or even "hydraulic machinery."

A middle section of the tunnel was initially discovered in the United States early Friday by U.S. Border Patrol agents checking for tunnels in a residential area of Calexico, the newspaper reported. It is the third tunnel found in Calexico in the past 15 months.

U.S. investigators searched for the tunnel's other end, Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Diego told the Union-Tribune.

"This is an ongoing criminal investigation, and we're still trying to locate a possible exit to the U.S.," Mack told the newspaper.

Since they're still trying to locate an exit in the U.S. it makes you wonder how fucking long is this tunnel!?! From what it sounds like there are multiple paths within in this tunnel. Another cool thing about this tunnel is that it was found in a rich neighborhood. Kind of like Bad Boys II but this tunnel leads to a another country. Where did all of the dirt go? Mexico? America? Both? I'm thinking you can stand some what in various places in this tunnel since its has a closed-circuit security system. I'd really like to see some pictures of this. I have some ideas but what was the hydraulic machinery used for?

This tunnel thing makes me wonder... no question how many tunnels that there may be from Canada to the U.S. To me it seems like there would be so much more unprotected border space on that end of the country compared to the other end. Now down by Mexico you could pretty much dig a tunnel all year round. At least you would think so. Up by the Canadian broader I kind of wonder how much the weather could effect digging out a tunnel. From my understanding the ground stops freezing at around six feet below so you'd have to go lower than that. I need to write a movie about this. I hope they follow up on this story.