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Tuesday, February 22 

Didn't get much sleep last night. Woke up a few time before I actually got up. I felt sad when I did get up. Felt like I had a lot on my mind but there was only one thing I was thinking about.

Class was actually fun today. It started off the same as usual. But today a playwright came in and spoke to us. After a while she asked if any of us had ever written a monologue then told us to write one. She handed us a paper with four pictures of women. We had choose one of the pictures and write a monologue as one of them. I was surprised how fast my idea came to me. I ended reading my monologue in character in front of my class. I threw in a few extra words here and there. I barely looked at my sheet while reading. I tired to make it funny. I got a lot of laughs. That really felt good. On my way home from school I kept thinking about rewriting a monologue I wrote four years ago which was the last time I was in theater class. Well two more days till spring break begins.