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Monday, February 14 

Its VD and I have No VD Yahooo

So its that one day of the year where the were people who don't like the day seem to complain alot about it yet they'll still wish you a happy one. I find that very interesting. A lot of people who aren't seeing someone seem to despise this day. Even some people who are in relationships don't like this day because of the pressure they may feel. Or it could be that there relationship has problems and this just brings them out even more.

The other night I helped a friend out who was actually helping someone else out. This gilr and her friends were going to drive home drunk from a bar and a friend of mine went and picked them up so they wouldn't drive. He called me so that I could take him to his car. This bar was way out in the middle of nowhere. Worst of all my windshield kept getting this texture over it. I had to stop to stop at gas station two or three times to clean. Then the light in my dash console went out. Now when I'm driving at night I have to turn on the dome lights to check my speed. I guess I'll just have to add this to list of thing I already don't like about that car.