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Saturday, February 5 

Its dark and hell is hot

Since Tuesday night I've been waking up in sweat and have had to change my clothes so many times. I didn't go to class on Wensday, but did on Thrusday. In really nice did happen that day. There was one person besides a friend of mine that didn't back away from me when I said I wasn't feeling good, except for thos who had already been sick this year, that didn't back away from me. It was actually this girl I like, she told me that I probably got it from her. Immediately I started thinking to myself that I wish I could say that because that would mean that I had actually spent some time with her. I did get to talk to her before my class and even more after which was nice. Friday I woke up with a an even higher temp than the previous day and finally went to the doctor. They just told me that I had got a bad virus. I woke up sweating again this morning but I havn't had a high tmep since. So maybe I'll be completely better by Monday? I hope so.

Yeah I used DMX's 1st cd title, I just kept thinking about it all week.