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Sunday, January 23 

Vh1 and the women

Tonight was nice I got out and hand a good time. Ever since it starting getting cold a few months ago it seems like me having a fun weekend has become few and far part. I think I only had a good time becaue this girl I hadn't seen in long time was there. Forgot how pretty she is. I actually had a pretty good chance of dating her last year but I started talking to this other girl about the same time meant her and kept with the one. Hope too see her soon again.

I've spent the majority of my weekend watching the "I love the 90's Part Duex" specials. It weird how all of these events in pop cluture from that decade seem like they just happenend. I hope they do an 80's part 3 and then do an 90's part 3 or just another part 3. They could always do a 70's part two but I don't think got enough views for that series. Also I've still been looking and reading everything I can about the Mac Mini. Still not impressed or even interested in the iPod Shuffle.

The girls, ladies, women, whatever you wanna call females; I just can't get them off the mind. I swear it seems like everytime I meet girl and become interested in them they end up having a boyfriend or married. Just kidding about 'married' but it seems like somethign that is more and more likely being a possibility of happening I grow older. So I have this freind that I like but of course she has a boyfriend, I liked her before she had one though. But at the time I kind of felt as if I wasn't good enough for her. (Which oddly enough is the way I kind of feel about this girl I was talking to tonight.) I think she might know that I like her, it not like I've just came out and told her. Anyways I kept seeing my friends boyfriend all this week, which made me realize that I'm probably going to see him every week for the next 13 weeks (yes I'm already counting down). I don't like this guy and he doesn't like me, so the world is in balance there. He doesn't like me because I'm a friend of his girlfriend that she actually talks to and probably sees me as sort of a threat because he thinks I like her which I DO. I can understand that because a lot of guys get jelous over stuff like that. But she's not married so I'm not gonna stop being her friend anytime soon. I feel I have legitiment reason not to like the guy which is that he's really asshole to her. But I have to base it off whats she has told me. The bigggest thing that pissed me off and still makes me mad when I think about it is that he's violently pushed her around few times and the times at which he did it just makes it worse. The other thing is that he doesn't seem to be that stable of a person. It almost sounds like he's bound to do something crazy to himself one day. For the last couple of weeks or so this guy has been clicking or is it that he's been checking my buddy lists in my AIM profiles. Its been hard for me not to get mad when I seen this guy.

Wow I still can't stop thinking about this girl tonight. I felt like a few people were watchng me for awhile when I was around her tonight because they knew that we had like each other last year. But nothing ever happenend. The truth is just last week I never thought I'd see her again. Watch I do see her again and she's dating someone.