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Monday, January 17 

Cold weather please leave

Well this past weekended wasn't all that great. I had a hard time getting into my car all of this weekend the lock was frozen on Friday and I had to go through my passenger side which was thankfully not frozen. There were a few nice things about it. On Friday I went to Bill's and we watch the unrated version of Dawn of the Dead. It was a little bit longer than the one that came out in the theater. We went to the Texan afterwards. On Saturday I used gift certificate I got on Christmas and bought a few pairs of pants. They costed me about 13 dollars. Also it was just cheeper for me two but two than one. Later that night I went over a my friends flat for the first time. I had seen them since I had stopped working at at the old job. It was a bit akward at first becasue I hadn't seen them in a long time. Over all it was a good night with good conversation.

Ever since I heard about the Mac Mini I've been obsessed with finding out anything and everything I can about it. It doesn't ship out until January 22, this upcoming Saturday. So hopefully after or by then I'll have something more to read about it besides the same stuff rewritten over and over again. Today during class a I spent a lot of time reading about various ideas about what people are planning on doing with the system. An entry entitled "What will you do with your Mac Mini?"
over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog had a some links to what some people would like to do with the new system. Hopefully with in the next week or so I'll find out how easy it is to open the case. The Mac Mini comes with 256MB of RAM and it about $75 to upgrade to 512MB and over $400 to upgrade to a 1GB. Theres no way I'm paying $400 on that system for a RAM upgrade. At that price I might as well buy a eMac or iMac.