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Saturday, December 25 

OH Christmas

So I can say that its took me only a few hours over two days to get all of the Christmas presents for my family this year. Its all thanks to Julie, if it wasn't for her wanting me to make that photo to video transfer only my parents would have gotten gifts from me. I pretty much spent all of that money on gifts. For the last couple of years I never think I'm going to be able to buy gifts then I suddenly get some work and make enough money to buy gifts.

Last night I was going to go to Christmas party that a guy that i used to work with was having. I figured a head of time that my old bosses would be there too. Which didn't really bother me, it would have been a little ackward but I was willing to get over that ackwardness. As I was going out to do my last shopping I called Dan, who I havn't talked to since I left that job, to find out the details. By the time I heading home he called me back and told me that it was actually their, the bosses, party and that he was like hosting it and that he wanted to talk to them about it first. Well I didn't end up going. It was actually one of the only things that I was really looking forward to all this week and ever since Sean had told me about it.

Tonight I went to my Grandmas like every xmas eve and when we pulled up no one was there. My aunt pulled in shortly after I though. It was actually the first time that, thats happenend.

I need to keep busy as much as possible. I've been feeling really lonely lately and being out of school isn't helping much. And theres a few other things too but I don't really feel like going into that right now.

Found out some of my cousins from Texas are going to be coming into town next week and that few might stay here a few days.