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Wednesday, December 22 

They in...

Found out my grades today. Got C in econ, my lowest grade at Delta date which was previously either a B or B+. The rest were A's besides the one B+ that had been up for weeks.

We finally got out tree today. Its not even set up straight in the stand right now. I wonder if they'll fix it before they decorate it. It wouldn't be all that hard to do but I doubt they will.

So when I was leaving my house tonight I noticed that a car had slid into a ditch a few houses down. No one was stopping to help so I pulled up and asked the guy if he wanted help. I gave the car a push got sprayed with dirt on half of myside in doing so. He was actually almost out then he put it in reverse for some reason and made it worse. I asked if he had put in reverse already knowing that he did becasue I saw the reverse lights come on, he said no. This guy was actually one of my neighbors from across the street. He backed out of his drive way a bit to far and according to him he slid into the ditch. I figured since he lived across the street he would be fine so I left back to my hose to change. When I left my house for the second time. I think I saw the guy walking down the street but in the opposite direction that his car was facing. And when I passed I saw that he had put his arms up as if left him help less.