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Wednesday, December 15 

Someday it'll happen

Today after I came home from my first class my mom came into my room and noticed all of these bags on my floor. There were only two bags but she made it seem lik there were bunch. Anyway I jokenly said that I'm planning to just go away at any time without notice. Afterwards I started seriously thinking about it. A few years ago when I was getting close to graduate I kept thinking about how fun it would be to just leave my house one day and just drive all over America until i either ran out of money or just wanted to come home. I think its something that I would still be excited to do. I don't know if anyone would acatually go with me. It would be nice to have someone to with on trip... no adventure like this. So after thinking about this most of the day I came to the conclusion that if I could come up with $5000 I could do this and very comfortable to make the trip last a good couple of weeks without worrying about money.