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Sunday, November 28 

Internet Stalker/Pyscho/My Slayer?

So a few weeks ago some with the sn thephantomsn2004 with the ip (adsl-68-72-155-108.dsl.sgnwmi.ameritech.net) clicks on both of my buddie links. About a week later I actually talked to them. This person happens to know who I am but wouldn't tell me who they were. But said they were from Bay City. So the next day I wake up and sometime during the day i check to see who had clicked on my links and sn killthemexican shows up with the ip (d9-56.rt-bras.che.centurytel.net). When I came home tonight I saw that the sn imgoingtokillyou with the ip (d7-187.rt-bras.che.centurytel.net). Both ip's of killthemexican and imgoingtokillyou lead to Gig Harbor, Washington. I don't believe I know anyone from there.

BTW is it illeagal to post an ip on the web, even if it's mildly threating?