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Monday, November 15 

Not 1 But 2

So yesterday and the first half of today I was very down on a few things in mylife. When I came home one of those things turned for me and a few hours later it got even better. So I came home and saw a that there was a msg on the answering machine, and it was actually for me. Walmart called me about an application that I filled out there a month or more ago (actually it was at the Sams Club, but Walmart called). So I called back and they scheduled a interview with me tomorrow. This made me happy of course. But I quickly thought about another place I had applied to about 2 weeks ago, which was WNEM. So I thought to myself, 'I hope I don't get this job and then WNEM calls.' So I called them, left a voice mail, and about two hours later they called back and scheduled a interview with me on Wensday. A similar situation like this happenend to me this summer. I almost had two jobs but I ended up working for the twins and well in the long run I was screwed out of my job. I'm sure I'll be offered at least one, if not both, of these jobs. I just hope I don't get screwed in the long run again.

BTW. Did you watch Monday Night Football tonight? If so did you see the crazy 14+ second play with McNabb running from side to side of the field and still completing a 60 yard pass. It was probably the best and longest play I've seen all year.