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Sunday, November 7 

Thats full circle now

Last night I went to Bay City to tape wrestling. That was the first time that I've ever taped "professional" wrestling. The whole day/night went a lot better than I thought it would. For some reason whenever I'm goign to tape something I havn't before I get a little nervous. Well not really nervous but more like extremely curious of how it's going to be. I did meet a Bay City celberity last night. I saw a few flyers that had this guys name before i had actually seen him so I wasn't too surprized when I did. I was going to tape a promo in the locker room and that was when I saw Rick Stiener. A few of his family members were in there talking and taking pictures with him. If I was still a fan of wrestling I probably would have been more excited.

It was pretty damn hard to see last night. Its took me a match or to figure out how to shoot this. I really had to 'stay on my feet' shooting this. I had to get up on the mat for a segment and I was almost knocked off. I believe it was Stiener who threw someone in and through the ropes on the same side that I was standing. Lucky for me I didn't get hit by anyone. The guy, Bret, standing on the other side of the ring did. He was kicked in the head when i wrestler was trying to get back into the ring.

Bret actually gave me some good news last night. This past Wensday I applied for a job over at WNEM. After seeing Bret I wasn't sure who he was but he looked very familar to me. Then I talked to him and I remembered that he works at WNEM and in the department that I applied for. I guess the station was origionally only going to hire in one position but now they're going to hire two positions which makes my chances of getting a job there even greater. He also told me what the hours of the person that left and they sound like they would fit my schedule.