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Monday, November 22 


Well I recieved my acceptance letter from Wayne State University today. It'll be a while before I find out what credits of mine will transfer. I already know that most of my broadcasting credits will count as electives. I think I'll end up being considered a Sohpmore with a lot of credits. Either way I think if I do go there, most likely I will, that I'll have at least 2 and half years left to go. There is so much to think about when transfering, especially when your degree doesn't exactly exsist at other colleges and universities. There's going to be a new residence hall that will be opening in the fall of '05 which sounds nice. If the prices aren't that much different from the other places I hope I can get in there.
That was like the one exciting thing about my day becasue my econ class really ruined everythign else for me today. Only one more day of classes then Thanksgiving break.