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Thursday, November 25 

A Day Without a Mexican

A movie review. daywoamexican
So last night I stayed up just a little bit extra late to watch this movie becasue I had just gotten a copy of it. The movie is considered a comedy/drama. It's Directed by Sergio Arau.

The plot of the movie goes like this: One day when everyone wakes up sunddenly there are no mexicans at all in California. Well also every latino is missing too. But it doesn't happen exactly like that. Throughout that first day latinos go missing all over. There are cars in the middle of the streets. Appliances left on and unattended. Also there is this fog that surrounds the state of California that pervents all communication out side of the state. Which includes communication via the internet and phones across state lines.

Of course there are people who are sad that there friends and family are missing (I hope I don't need to explain why some of of these latinos would have family left behind, just think about it) and then there are those who are happy that the latinos are gone. Various people are coming up with reasons of why they are missing. A scientist believes that its was done with a weapon that can single out a entire race. A christian woman believes that it was the rapture.

Califoria's economy suffers greatly because produce is the states leading industry and almost all of their workers are gone. People riot the streets, steal from unattend stores, taking all of the gorceys they can. Drug dealers are now dealing fruit and vegtables. People at the boarder patrol are looking for new jobs. Daycares and schools are shutting down.

All of the latinos do come back at the end of the movie. In fact they come back just as they left. To them it was just a matter of a seconds that wouldn't even phase them and to everyone else it was days. The funniest line of the movie is at the end when the boarder patrol finds two mexicans crossing the boarder. They surround, put their spotlights on them and ask them if they are mexicans and they respond yes. They rush in excitement. The Mexicans look nervous. When the boarder patrol gets to them they start hugging and cheering thema and lift them up onto their shoulders. Then one of the Mexicans says "Damn! These Grignos are fuckin' cool."