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Monday, November 29 

Face it vegan kids are kinda weird to nonvegan adults

So its a Monday night and not much is really on television these days on Monday Nights, with the exception of Monday Night Football. So somehow someway I find myself watching Fox's hit show Trading Spouses. This weeks show has a mother from a vagen household trading houses with a mother from an allegator farm. Within about 3-5 minutes of watching this show I was already kind of creeped out of how weird a little boy thought eating the flesh of an animal (dinner as I would call it) was. I realize it's not his fault. If he was a violent kid, it wouldn't nessarily be his fault because he saw it on tv. This kid isn't prejudice towards nonvegans because of what he saw on tv... its because of his parents. Yes it's his parents fault for being a vegan...

Ok I figured someone might need a minute to accept the fact that it is true that the way children act and behave has a lot to do with those who raised them. Anyways It was pretty funny to watch the vegan friends get mad at the allegator farm mom for the occasional slaying of a poisonous snake because of the fact that it could kill her son. They wanted her to take the snake 5 miles away to a safe place so the snake could live. WOW. I always wondered what a vagen thought of animals in the wild that eat other animals and if they realize that we (humans) are animals. I can understand anyone being upset over how animals are killed just so people can eat them but that not gonna stop be from eating a good T-bone steak. I guess humans are smart enough where we could live in harmony with mother natures animals and all live in piece. But damn do I love to eat the flesh of animals.

Hey...stumbled upon your Blog...because of that show. I never watch that crap but I am just sitting here on my computer and I left the tv on after Seinfeld was over. So I typed the words "vegan" and "weird" in a Yahoo search...here I am.

Anyway...yeah, those kids seemed pretty indoctrinated. Their guests were hella rude to, badgering the woman about eating meat. Of course, when she mentioned black widows they all swallowed their tongues. I have nothing against vegans....more meat for me...but when people get preachy (no matter what the subject is) they just look like asses.

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