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Thursday, December 9 

1 week to go and lying to Mormons

Well as of today I have only one more week of classes until the semester is over. Today I was able to publish my webpage for photoshop, as seen below. Theres a few adjustment that I'm going to go in and make next week. Currently I don't have back buttom on my gallery page, which isn't really a big deal to me because you could always click on the back button on the browser. Also there is a roll over on my 'About Me' page that I need to fix because it's just not working. It worked before I saved it but for some reason didn't work when I converted it to html. Anyways you can check it out here.
Fed Resume

So today after I got done lifting we stopped by a friends house. When we came in her friends dad asked if we were the Mormons that they, her and his daughter, were talking about. The day before a couple of Mormons came by and she let them in and they said that they would come back the next day around 4:30, it was about 4:40 when we arrived. They had told them a few times that they were Catholics but I guess these Mormons were very persistant. So we were there for a little while and as we were leaving someone began to knock on the door. For some reason they looked to me to open the door as they ran to hide from the people that they thought were at the door. So I opened the door and sure enough it was who they had thought it would be. They asked for them. Here's where lie #1 came in, I told them they weren't home. Lie #2 they asked me if I attend church, I replied regulary, I actually do kind of feel bad about that one. Lie #3 then they asked if I had ever heard of prophet who wrote a new book, this I did know a little bit about but then I went on to say that I new a great deal more about thier religion than just that. They might have apperciated that one because they seemed a little impressed or they realized I was bullshitting. Lie #4 then they asked me what church it was that I attend and I told them the church that I would attend if I did regularly attend. They never heard of it and I said 'thats a shame' but really I didn't care if they had ever heard of it. Yeah I really just wanted to tell them that the girls didn't want them to come by again but for reason I couldn't find in myself to say.