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Sunday, December 19 

Sounds like more than nothing

Sunday not much going on as usual for a Sunday.

Nail ready to come off. Wrapped in bandage and medical tape.

Wish I would have lifted today.

Still haven't done any Christmas shopping. At least for the parents.

Lions lost by 1. Sadly I saw I thought to myself that they'd mess up the snap and they did.

Heard that Julie was really happy with her video and that makes me happy.

The older sib' is back in town.

Found out my cell battery maybe counterfiet and may contain a risk hazard(could explode). Its usually in my pocket, that would actually be a funny way to lose a testicle.

Inside of my windshield has ice and doors. Of course only one the drivers side.

Season Finally of The WIRE Ep 37 Mission Accomplished aires tonight on HBO and possibly the last if they don't renew. I hope they do.