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Monday, January 10 

1 More 2 Go

It feels really good to know that tomorrow I'll be starting my last semester at Delta.I'm not really too excited about any of my classes this semester. I know that may sound like the worng attitude to go in with but I figure if things turn about better It'll just be that much better and if not, then I can't say I didn't see it coming. But its my last semester there so should help keep me motivated. It looks like I'm for sure going to Wayne State in the fall. This break was long and seemed very uneventfull compared to last years winter break. Which the only major difference was that I went to Chicago. The events before I went and when I came ended up changing the the people that I would spend most of my time with to this day.

So Friday I went and shot my second Basketball game with SETV. Shot the whole game this time. Last time I only shot the first quater.They might put me on the reserve crew which will mean that when I go work with I know I'll be getting paid. On Saturday I went taped UCW Wrestling in Bay City. This was too was also my second time. I heard they might get a contract with the FUEL Network channel. From what I understand right now they're going through the pilot phase. But if they do get the contract I guess they're keeping the guys that already tapes the shows. That would be really cool to shoot something that goes Nationally, at least where ever FUEL is picked up at.