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Thursday, January 13 

The new

Well my first week of class for this semester is almost over and I've already missed a class and it was on the first day. I didn't miss any classes last semester. I think I did end up missing three classes last winter semester but I had one really good excuse that I think a lot people would undertand but I'm not gonna go into that right now. Anyways so far my classes seem like they're going to be fairly easy as long as I keep up with the reading which may just make my classes really hard for me. I'm taking an Online course this semester which is a first for me. I'm a little worried about losing motivation to get the work done for that class. I basically have to read the whole book and summarize each chapter a week. Theres a few hotties in my classes which is always nice.
mac mini
One of my professors showed us this today and it got me really excited because I can buy one. I've been wanting a Mac for a few years now. Actually I had wanted to get one instead of this Sony Vaio that I bought. But I'm glad I didn't back then because what is available now is much better than at the time. I could actually buy one right now but I want to get my car first. So heres the game plan: Still need to get a job, buy my car, and get a Mac mini.

I finally called the housing people over at Wanye to ask a few questions. Got on a list for this new residence hall. Found out that I can only get housing at that new residence hall or one of two apartment buildings. That new residence hall sounds really nice and layouts in some of the suites looks like something I would be very comfortible living in.

Oh yeah I decided the other day that this year is going to be a big year for me and that I need to make a lot of things happen this year, hence 2005 Fed.