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Tuesday, January 25 

Its Def

I swear I've really been looking for some sort of inspiration in my life lately. I don't think that I've truely even tired hard enough yet. It seems as if I have the same things going on over in over in my head and I'm not really getting anything done. I've often heard that if you write you goals down that you're more likely to accomplish them becasue you have something tangible to look at and to refer to fo inspiration and yada yada. I need to do that soon.

I watched season one of Def Poetry today which I thought was very good. It makes me want to start writing poetry again. I think I was at my best about 5 years ago when I was about 14. I think the work that I did back then was somewhat remarkable for being something that I wrote for the age that I was. but now whenever I do write something I generally don't like it. But then again I didn't like what I wrote back then either. After watching this show it I feel inspired to write again. What I wrote back then as a whole was very simple. Now I want to write more complex stories and be even more creative.

Maybe this will lead to me finally writing my short. I actually came up with a unique idea for a movie a few weeks ago. But its not even something that I could even make, at least in my mind, into a short. Maybe I'll just make some sort of improvisation piece.

My housing application for Wayne came today. Since I'm a transfer student coming in as a Junior I only have two options for housing. Well I could always try to look for an apartment in Detroit but theres no way I could afford it. One of them just happens to be a brand new building that opens in the fall. Found out that if I apply to this place I have to be on meal plan. Don't really know how to feel about that one yet. Its still marinating in my mind (did you get that analogy or is it a simile).

About a week and a half ago one of my uncles died whom I never meant. Well I don't think I have. He was my grandpa's unlce. Which would be my great-grandfather's brother, which would make him my great-great-uncle. A few days later his sister died also. Which would be my great-great-aunt. And it turns out that another one of my Great-grandpa's brothers is looking as if he'll be dying soon also. So thats three siblings of my Great-grandpa that will have died with in days of each other. I'm not sure where he falls in age rise compared to the rest but I think he may just be the oldest. This really got me thinking how odd and sad it would be to see one of my younger siblings die before me.