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Friday, February 18 

Maybe this is the turn around

Tuesday on my drive home from school I stopped at meat/fruit market to get a tomato. On way in the store I saw flyer said they were hiring and I got an app on my way out. After I ate I filled it out and went back and turned it in. Now earlier tonight on my way to get gas I ran into someone who works at the station I interned at, which my dad works at also. He asked me what I was up to and I ended up telling him that I had applied to that store. Turns out this guys happens to be good friends with the manager who hires for this chain of meat/fruit markets and is going to give him a call on my behalf. The only reason I went that gas station was because the other two down the street had gas for about 17 cents more. If the gas wasn't more expensive I wouldn't have run into that guy. He kept telling me to call my dad to remind him to call his friend tomorrow and tell him about me. I hope it works out because I really need a job.

I have basketball game that I'm going to help shoot on Saturday. I'm not really looking forward to that. I might end up being put on the reserve crew after all. I think it pays like 6 or 7 something an hour. But it would only be a few days at the most out of a month. Maybe more during the play off season.

Not having my dashboard light still really sucks.

My friend is right this is a very addicting flash game. Yetisports