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Tuesday, February 15 

Pain of Misery

If misery loves company,
Then what does misery gain
When company is helpless with their pain
Just to think about it may drive you insane
but why do they wanna be around others
When they were made this way by another
They use the company of others to cover
Their pain which in turns makes the company in vain
Which just leaves misery still in pain
Yes it’s quite insane
But company can help misery forget
and cause it to lose it’s state of mind
Only for misery to regret
what happened during the time

So this poem as you can tell by the date this was written about a year and a half ago. It's not about me though. This is based on someone that I had spent alot of time around back then. They always seemed so damn unhappy unless they were drinking. So why am I posting this? Well I really like the poem and can think of many different ways it could be applied to situations of life. But I thought that it might be a good idea to to give some backgrounf info on this to avoid certain comments that might be left. Also before I wrote this the phrase 'misery loves company' kept going through my head and that kind of got me thinking. Eventually it lead to this.