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Sunday, February 20 

Pausing & Randomly Jumping to the Ends of Words

It is one of those days where you just need to sit around at home all day. Today does sort of feel good to actually just sitting around. This weekend was pretty fun. Last week I didn't think that last weekend was going to be any fun. Then Saturday came around and friend invited me over and I had good time. This time,on Friday, after hanging out with a friend half of the night I thought my weekend was going to suck because a shoot I had the next day. But I went out midnight and had good time. Yesterday the shoot went well and I got paid. Then I went to a bowling alley and hung out with Pun and the crew. We went to the Texan afterwards. Me and Pun hung out his house for while after that. We had a lot of those 'We're going to be laughing about this tomorrow moments.'

So I've come to that point in my my school life were I've been assigned to write my own Obituary! Is it odd? Of course it is especially when you've had fears of dying young that go and come everynow and then. I'll have some fun with it. One more week of classes til spring break and total of nine weeks of classes left.