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Monday, February 28 

When 2 become 1

Over this weekend I found out two of my cousins are getting married. One of them is them is about 30 and has only known this woman for a few months. This is the same cousin who is/was my writing partner. I hope he'll still be able to write with me. I guess my grandma was upset over the whole situation. My cousin has been living there for at least 8 years and my grandma has become very dependent on him doing things for her. From what I understand he hand just meant this woman on New Years eve. And they're going to get married in either a few weeks or months.

My other cousin that going to be getting married is just over a year older than me. Last night I meant his wife to be. She seems real nice. They're getting married next April. She has baby boy. It was to see but nice to see that he has family of his own. I'm really happy for him.


So I last night came across a site that that gave away the story to the next Star Wars movie. Well most people do have a fair idea of what happens in the next film. The pictures on this site gives away a lot of key lot points. Star Wars Episode 3 - 80 Screenshots